P1377.jpg Boswell Farms in Magnolia,Texas
Boswell Farms
Magnolia, Texas

p1059b.jpg - 199451 Bytes P1067.jpg - 190647 Bytes P4625.jpg - 301171 Bytes P4622.jpg - 355871 Bytes P1239.jpg - 202129 Bytes Boswell Farms is pleased to share some information about what we do. [click here for map image]

Our small farm is located on a hilltop in Texas on 14.5 acres in southern Montgomery County at the Oklahoma Community, and represents the near southern extent of the Piney Woods East Texas Big Thicket. Urban sprawl is rapidly converting this native forest culture and we are perhaps the next to be transformed as we are on the backdoor of The Woodlands. Until then we remain a defiant Tree Farm with a diversity of trees, a large 4 acre lake full of hungry largemouth bass, an interesting aviary, a shrinking herd of Arabian horses, and a growing herd of show heifers.

Our farm has been here for a long while (we moved here in '93) so we have a heritage to respect and admire every day. Not long ago, there were many very tall pines here, and this place was called Tall Shadows on the corner of Shady Lane and Kohrville-Huffsmith Road. We still have some notable trees such as a Loblolly Pine that is the second and almost largest Loblolly in the County. This is one of the second growth trees following the original harvest of pines around 1900. Many of the Oaks here are also of similar age. Many pines we have harvested (or lost to beetles, drought, and lightning) have been between 30 and 60 years old. We are now replanting with long leaf pine, cherry bark oak, and other special varieties to enhance our arboretum. We are also home to the largest Tulip Yellow Poplar tree in the County. This year has been a banner year for harvesting seed from these trees which have sprouted and were captured for our nursery. We are presently lush with green growth (May'01).

How big is Big???

The Montgomery County Big Tree Registry lists two of our trees from 1998 measurements by a professional forester:

Our Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda) is ranked 2nd, only a couple of pine cones behind the largest. Circumference = 121.8 inches, Height = 107.5 feet, Crown = 57 feet, and Index = 243.6 .

Our Yellow Poplar (Lireodendron tulipefera) is ranked #1. Circumference = 71.4 inches, Height = 46 feet, Crown = 45 feet, and Index = 158.6 .

Our peaceful pond is basically 4 acres square and 5 feet deep. It has a lot of largemouth bass and bluegill, and at least one large catfish.

Some of our favorite digital photos are displayed on this page. We will try to change these out now and then.

A page with more details of the history of this farm is availalble at BF History. Please contact me if there are errors or additions you can contribute.

Thanks for visiting!

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